Beyond Home Energy

There's more to us than Home Energy...

ENGIE may be a relatively new name in the UK, but our presence is global and our roots go way back.

With ENGIE you've got the best of both worlds; a company involved with local councils and communities supplying energy to your home, with international backing and the resources to really make a change in the energy market. 

Learn a little more about us...

How it all began

You know us as ENGIE, but it’s a relatively new name for us. The fact is the history of ENGIE is a long and rich one. Our roots stretch back to the height of the industrial revolution, in 19th-Century France.

In the 180 years since, much has happened. Known in turn as Gaz de France and GDF Suez, we merged and partnered with some of the top names in energy. As we became bigger and better, we travelled right across the globe, with bases as far as Australia, Peru and China.

Since the days of coal-powered energy, we’ve learnt a lot about the planet. And as people’s energy use rose, so did our ecological concerns.

That’s why we worked hard to lead the way when it came to converting to sustainable, green, clean energy sources.

This continues today. Every day we’re learning, investing in green energy, and keeping our customers happy all at the same time. It’s a challenge, but one we thrive on.

Size & History

ENGIE stretches all the way back to 1858, when the Universal Suez Canal Company was founded.

All those years of powering homes, hospitals, universities and more, make us global leaders in energy. We’re expert gas and electricity suppliers, and sustainable energy producers. We’re the number-one independent power producer in the world.

Today, ENGIE is made up of over 150,000 people. Across the globe, we’re working hard to bring you fuss-free energy.

Around the globe

All the good stuff we do here in the UK is just a drop in the ocean. When we say that we’re global energy experts, we really mean it. 

We started out in France. We now have 74,000 employees in France alone who power homes, local authorities and businesses. And we haven’t stopped there.

Right now, we’re supplying millions of homes in Brazil with 87% renewable energy. We’re developing the energy market in Thailand. We also built one of Australia’s most advanced and environmentally friendly power stations, which caters for around 25% of South Australia’s energy needs.

Across the UK, we provide low-carbon energy to hospitals from Liverpool to Leeds, Birmingham to Southampton. We’re constructing solar power facilities in Peru. We even sustainably heat the 3,000 homes and businesses in London’s Olympic Park. Near or far, there are few places where we aren’t innovating.

Don’t worry though. We’re your dedicated home team, based in lovely Leeds. And your home energy is our number one priority.

Powering big business

When it comes to supplying energy, providing reliably great service is our priority. That’s why businesses the world over trust us.

More than most, businesses need to keep running smoothly. Even a small power outage can have huge consequences. So we make sure that our clients, like the NHS and local councils, can rely on us day-in, day-out.

But powering your home is just as important to us, because we understand how important it is to you. We’ll make sure we give you just the same award-winning level of service.


Worldwide energy

Some of the world’s biggest and most successful businesses turn to us for their energy needs.

It doesn’t get much bigger than Dubai mall, the largest shopping centre in the world. They chose us to supply their power and manage operations for the whole facility. As a world-class venue, it’s our job to deliver the seamless, memorable experience that 64 million visitors every year expect.

Aside from the biggest mall, we also help manage the world’s tallest tower: the Burj Khalifa. Our commitment to giving the best customer experience means we’ve assigned 120 dedicated technicians, engineers and managers to be on hand 24/7.

Back on home soil, we supply a range of services to many household names. We heated London’s Olympic Park with sustainable sources. Plus, many hospitals, museums, tourist attractions, television studios, offices and laboratories all rely on ENGIE. So it’s safe to say that you can, too.