ENGIE in the Community

Social responsibilty

We work in countries all around the world, but home is where the heart is. We’re delighted to work closely with many local UK councils. For years they’ve trusted us to manage their facilities and provide energy for Great British services that you rely on.

Now, we're providing energy to homes across the UK and working with councils to provide a full range of products, services and of course energy.

Giving Back

Giving back to the communities that we work in is really important to us. We have a large sponsorship programme here in the UK to help communities flourish.

Our sponsorship projects range from education, young people, tackling homelessness, art, sport and lots more worthy causes.

You may know that we supply energy and manage facilities for local authorities. But did you know that we work hard to make big savings for them, leaving them with more money for what matters?

We saved Lambeth council 23% in annual costs, saved the Metropolitan Police an estimated £18m, and saved North Tyneside council £33.8m, to name just a few.

As the population continues to grow, we’re passionate about making sure everyone can access important things like education and healthcare.

For example, we worked on a school expansion in North East Lancashire. Our architecture team made sure that schools in the area could meet the demand for pupil places.

When it comes to the lovely people that make up ENGIE, we always try to be fair. That’s why over 70% of the people we hired to build and run London’s Olympic Park were from the local boroughs. And we’re pleased to say we ended unemployment for 25% of those people.

In the Community

Our work in the community aims to do the very best for those who live there, from protecting the environment to saving councils’ money.

But most of all, we’re passionate about creating opportunities. We’ve even won a Voluntary Organisation Development Agency award for all the great stuff we’ve done for young people.

Just like councils all over the UK, you’ll be in the best hands with us.

We power civic buildings, schools and parks throughout Lambeth. Since 2008 we’ve worked with the Metropolitan Police, and our innovative facilities management has saved them an estimated £18m.

Our property and infrastructure regeneration has created over 1,000 jobs for unemployed people in North East Lincolnshire. Plus, our support services in North Tyneside saved £33m and resulted in 200 apprenticeships.