ENGIE & Innovation

We're using our energy and services capabilities to lead the UK’s transition towards a more secure and sustainable future.

From our investment in energy infrastructure, to smart technologies that directly benefit customers, ENGIE is focused on delivering solutions to improve the lives of our communities.

Always Innovating

Going forward, our range of plans will always be updated and expanded to make the most of new and emerging Connected Home technologies. We do this through providing the facilities for customers to reduce their energy consumption, by means of increased usage information, energy analysis, or smart technologies.

The future of the connected home

Which technology could we see integrated into our very own home in the future? From smart thermostats to battery storage, what does the Internet of Things & the 'smart home' actually mean for you?

Take a look at some of the technology we could see in the connected home over the next years with the help of the IOT, energy saving products and technological innovations.