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5 reasons why you should get a smart meter

Not sure if a smart meter is for you, or want to understand more about them? You've come to the right place!

You may have heard that more and more people are getting smart meters installed. In fact, 400,000 are being installed in homes and businesses every month, and 8 in 10 people with smart meters say they would recommend them to friends or family 1. But why; what are the benefits?


Accurate Bills

Who doesn't like an easy life? Smart meters are here to help! No more trying to read your meter in the dark (and if you're unlucky, outside in the cold) as the new generation of meters are clever and automatically send readings to your provider. They're called smart for a reason! Automatic and regular readings should result in accurate bills, so you only pay for what you use.

Have a prepayment meter? Good news for you too, with a smart prepayment meter you can now top up online or at the local shop, without a key or card.



Save Energy, Save the Environment

By saving energy, you not only go easier on your wallet, but also the help the environment; it's a win-win! With a smart meter it's easier to keep an eye on and make changes to your energy usage. If everyone in Britain had a smart meter installed to reduce their energy use, the decrease in CO2 emissions could be equivalent to 600,000 fewer cars on the road by 2030, or planting over 10,000,000 trees each year until 2030 2. As if this wasn't enough, smart meters could also save enough energy in a year to power every home in Aberdeen, Cardiff, and Manchester 2!



The Move to Electric

The electric vehicle market is rapidly growing, and it's likely that the majority of the time electric cars will be charged at houses with a home charge point. This is where smart meters come in; these nifty devices can help you see how much it's costing you to charge your vehicle. At ENGIE, we offer an electric vehicle tariff which powers both your home and your car. We can also install a home charge point. What are you waiting for?


Smart Homes

Have you noticed that everything in your home is becoming 'smart'? Smart TVs, smart phones, smart thermostats, and smart plugs to name a few. Smart devices will be able to communicate with each other in the future. For example, if a smart meter could automatically start your washing machine at the cheapest time of the day for electricity, it would be able to save you money. They have the potential to save Great Britain up to £40 billion between now and 2050 1!


No Extra Cost

The best bit of all is that getting a smart meter installed at no extra cost! 80% of people with smart meters have lowered their bills by carrying out measures to reduce their energy use 1. Do you have any concerns about smart meters? Can they be hacked? Can they operate without you knowing? Read GOV.UK's article on smart meter myth busting here.

Learn more about smart meters and check out the ENGIE Smart Hub!

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Smart meters - the smart choice.

5 ways smart meters will benefit Britain. Smart Energy GB

12th April 2019

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