How to Power your Electric Vehicle using our Home Charge Point

Do you find it frustrating only being able to charge your electric vehicle (EV) using public charge points? Look no further, we have the answer you’ve been waiting for.

What is a charge point?

Instead of the traditional fuel-run cars topped up in pump stations, electric vehicles are powered by electricity. This means a whole new generation of vehicle powering has begun, but it takes time for availability to become abundant; EV owners may struggle finding public charge points when needed. How many charge points have you seen out and about, except for those in service stations?

A charge point is specifically designed to plug in to an electric vehicle and provide it with power faster and safer than a typical mains socket can. Read on to discover how your access to a charging point can be as easy as pie!

What do ENGIE offer?

At ENGIE, we like to make life easy for you. That’s why we offer a specially created EV Home tariff which provides 100% renewable electricity, plus if you take us up on this offer we also offer a discounted Home Charge point.  However, if you would prefer just to have the home charge point installed (and to continue with your current electricity tariff/supplier), you can fill in the application form given through emailing What could be easier than charging your car over-night at home? Get a quote here.


Can you tell me more about the ENGIE EV Home charge point?

We would love to! Our charge points are super convenient and easy to use; simply plug in the included tethering cable to charge, and unplug to drive. It’s as easy as charging your phone!

Charging an EV uses a lot of power over a long period of time, unlike many of the typical appliances in the home such as an electric shower which uses lots of power over a short period of time. The ENGIE EV charge points have thicker dedicated wiring directly from the domestic fuse board to the charge point and this prevents the wiring getting too hot which could melt plastic components such as the plug or plug socket.

As well as being specially designed for safety in managing high power requirements, the ENGIE EV Home charge points charge much faster than the standard mains. For example, an EV with a typical 24kWh battery could be fully charged with our 3.7kW charge point in roughly 7 hours, rather than 12-15 hours with the regular 13A socket.

Worried about the installation? Don’t be; our specially trained charge point engineers will install your charge point for you at your home and all are OLEV registered.

How do I use the ENGIE EV charge point?

Using our charge points are easy, and even have an LED circle light to indicate the status of the car. Blue means charging, yellow means fully charged, and red means there is an error. These three simple steps will get you adding electric juice to your car in no time:

  1. Connect the ENGIE EV charge point cable to your car
  2. When the LED ring turns blue, your vehicle has started charging
  3. To finish charging, if applicable stop the charging session from your vehicle, and unplug the charging cable

The electricity used to charge your EV will automatically be included in your electricity bill.

What about the OLEV Homecharge Scheme?

Everyone loves to save some money, and if you fit OLEV’s criteria listed here, you could save £500 off the price of the ENGIE EV charge point. This means you would only need to pay from £379 if you switch to the ENGIE EV Home tariff, or from £449 with the grant reduction (without it the cost is from £949). Find out more about the OLEV eligibility criteria in our handy guide, or if you are already clued up, apply here.

Need help?

Our charge points include a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. However, if you need help, contact ENGIE firstly as we can solve many problems remotely.

If we can’t fix the problem remotely, we will organise a specialist engineer to visit your home and sort out the issue. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself or ask a third party to do it as you might invalidate the warranty!

Feel free to phone us on 0800 280 8000, or email