What is ENGIE Plus?

ENGIE Plus is your central hub for controlling and understanding your energy usage, all you have to do is link up your smart devices. With ENGIE Plus, you can control all of your smart devices from one hub tailored to you.

Why ENGIE Plus

We’ve launched ENGIE Plus to give you a smart solution to managing your energy. With smart access and remote control of your heating you can save money, reduce your energy usage and of course stay energy efficient, all from your own smart portal.

The best part? It’s all free! That’s right, all ENGIE customers can access this for no extra cost.

Why should I connect to ENGIE Plus?

Well, first of all you can manage your home heating remotely meaning you have more control over home energy usage. You can easily change your home’s heating with the simple click of a button from anywhere with internet access.

Controlling your energy remotely means you can manage your usage more efficiently; optimizing heating times and helping you save money and energy.

Connecting to ENGIE Plus also helps us understand your energy usage, meaning we can analyse high and low usage times and offer advice on how to achieve more energy efficiency around the home.

How to use ENGIE Plus

For more information on how to use and set up ENGIE Plus, click this link to download our guide:


What's next?

We have some exciting things in the pipeline for ENGIE Plus, and joining now will give you early access to them all.

We want ENGIE Plus to be an energy management suite, where you can analyse and monitor your energy usage. With personalised insight about how you use energy we can work together to bring down costs, energy usage and advise on how to stay efficient.


What is ENGIE Plus?

ENGIE Plus is your one stop portal for more in depth information about your energy usage, all you have to do is link up your smart devices.


How do I use it?

Download our PDF guide here for an in depth walk-through.


Which smart devices can I link to ENGIE Plus?

Currently ENGIE Plus only supports smart thermostats, but we are updating the hub all the time so that it will be able to support other devices.


How much does ENGIE Plus Cost?

ENGIE Plus is completely free to all of our customers.


Can I submit my meter readings through ENGIE Plus?

No, meter readings should be submitted through your My ENGIE customer portal.