Green Additionality

If you sign up to a Green tariff with us, you are helping keep our planet green.

Not only are you purchasing 100% renewable electricity and gas, but you are enabling us to make a £5 donation to the ENGIE Community Energy Initiative. This allows us to invest in sustainable energy schemes across the UK which includes tree planting and increasing biodiversity.

As part of our appreciation, every year we create a Green Additionality report to show how we have used the ENGIE Community Energy Initiative to work towards a more sustainable future.


Download the Green Additionality 2019 report

How did you help in 2018?

With your investment in our Green tariff we planted 400 trees at a World War 1 memorial site in Castleford in 2018. 

Your opinion

We sent a survey to find out which Green initiatives you want to see us invest in

You spoke, we listened

We asked “Which of the following Community Energy Initiatives would you most like ENGIE to invest in, using donations from the Green Tariff?”

The most popular first choice from the four options was the “Creation of Bee friendly gardens”, with 37.9% of customers selecting this option. The second most popular first preference was to “Continue planting trees” with 36.3% of customers selecting this option. For customers’ second preference “Continue planting trees” was the clear favourite.

With your investment in our Green tariff, we are partnering with Leeds City Council to plant 24,000 trees in Leeds. ENGIE employees are able to use Corporate Social Responsibility days to help plant these trees, increasing green spaces and improving air quality around the city.

We like to bee friendly, which is why we are planning to create bee friendly spaces in the UK. This would help improve bee populations whilst also creating green spaces in urban areas for communities.