How do we ensure your energy is green?

These are some of the projects that help ENGIE supply 100% renewable electricity to customers

At ENGIE, we often get asked how we know that the energy we supply to our customers is green. This guide covers how it works and how we know the energy is renewable. It does get a little technical but we want to ensure we include all the details!

Our green energy comes from certified renewable sources. All our sources comply with Ofgem’s (The Energy Regulator) assurance scheme. This scheme uses certificates to prove the source of the renewable energy, known as Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGO). You can find out more about the scheme here

To ensure we compliantly supply renewable electricity to our customers, we must ensure that we have the correct volume of REGO certificates to meet the energy demands for all our electricity customers.

What is a REGO?

REGO certificates are electronic certificates that show when and where the energy is produced (for traceability). 

One REGO is the equivalent of 1000kWh and ENGIE purchases more than 2 million REGOs per year from green generators. These are held centrally in our REGO account on Ofgem’s Renewables Register and retired where applicable.

The REGO scheme is an assurance scheme for suppliers and renewable producers and therefore is not set up to provide certification to end consumers. As such, ENGIE does not provide REGO “certificates” to customers as these are essentially electronic unique IDs held on Ofgem’s system.

How do we ensure we have the correct REGOs?

By purchasing electricity from renewable generators directly, through contracts known as Power Purchase Agreements.

These agreements mean that ENGIE is provided with both the electricity and the unique REGO certificate relating to the electricity supplied. In this way, we ensure we have the REGOs we need for the energy supply to our green energy customers. We do not buy REGOs in any other way (e.g. from brokers), only acquiring the REGOs directly from generators, thereby ensuring we have confidence in their origin. We currently have over 120 Power Purchase Agreements which provide us with more than 800MW of renewable energy from a range of technologies such as wind and solar power-  all of which will be accredited by our regulator, Ofgem.

Each year ENGIE has to comply with Ofgem’s processes and “retire” the REGOs we wish to use to qualify our supply as green - ENGIE complies fully with this process. 

We hope this helps your understanding of where your renewable electricity comes from if you are an ENGIE Home customer. If you require any further information, please contact us on 0800 280 8000.