How do you calculate my projected savings?

Here’s how we calculate your potential savings if you currently have a fixed rate plan with another supplier:

All our comparisons are for the next 12 months from the day you receive your quote:

  • If your current fixed rate plan has more than a year to run from the date of your quote, then it’s easy – we compare against a full year of your current fixed rate plan.

  • If your current plan has less than a year to run and we know the date it’s due to end on, we’ll calculate your comparison assuming you were to stay on your existing plan until that date and then switch onto your current supplier’s standard variable tariff for the rest of the 12 month period.

  • If we don’t know your current plan’s end date, we have to assume that it has at least 12 months to run, and we calculate our comparison assuming that you’d stay on the same fixed rate as today for the whole of that period.