Our Energy Journey

From gas to electricity and renewable power, how does energy make it to your home?

Green Energy Journey


1 - Green electricity and gas is generated through renewable sources, like wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectricity and bio gas farms.

2 - The ‘green’ generated power is then filtered into the traditional electricity and gas transport networks.

3 - Power lines transport electricity across the country and pipes transfer the gas.

4 - Smaller power lines and gas pipes carry electricity and gas through towns and cities.

5 - Power and gas is provided to your home.


1 - Electricity is generated in power stations.

2 - The electricity is then sent to a step-up transformer which amplifies the power for transportation.

3 - High-Voltage power lines transport the electricity across the country.

4 - Once the power reaches it's location, it is sent to a step-down transformer which reduce the voltage.

5 - Smaller power lines carry the electricity through towns and cities.

6 - Power is provided to your home.



1 - Gas is extracted from the earth.

2 - It is then transported through a network of large pipelines across the country.

3 - Distribution networks deliver the gas through smaller pipes to your home.