Supporting Vulnerable Customers

We all need a little extra help now and then, and we want to make sure it’s there when you need it. We have a number of special services available for people who need them.

If you, or someone living with you, are:

  • of pensionable age;

  • registered disabled, have long term ill-health or are medically dependent on your energy supply;

  • sight or hearing impaired;

  • financially vulnerable;

  • Under the age of 5

Contact us to be added to our Priority Services Register for help and special services at no extra charge. Call us on 0800 280 8000 or email on

What is the Priority Services Register?

The Priority Services Register allows you to register your name with us so we’re aware of who may be in need of a little extra support. This allows us to identify any extra services we may be able to offer you and make sure you’re taken care of in the event of an emergency such as a power cut.

For more information on PSR - Download the Priority Services Leaflet here

Warm House Discount

We are not a Green Deal or Warm Home Discount provider but we aim to offer competitive prices to all of our customers. 

Emergencies and interruption of supply

If you are on the Priority Services Register, your local energy provider can provide additional help in the event of an emergency such as the loss of power, or provide advance warnings of planned interruption to your supply. We will make sure electricity distributors and gas transporters have up to date information on our Priority Services Register in case this happens. If you have medical equipment that would be affected in a power cut, we advise that you speak to your doctor or carer about this, as you may require alternative power source or battery pack in the event of a power cut.


If you’d like a relative or friend to receive your bills and letters, we can arrange to send copies of your bills or statements to them. We can also arrange to set up a password for them to use if you need them to call us on your behalf. You will need to get their permission for this, so please let us know and we’ll send you a form for them to sign.

We can send your bills in large print, braille or audio format. To find out more, please get in touch with our Customer Care team on 0800 280 8000 or email

Free yearly gas service check

We offer a free annual gas safety check for some customers. To qualify you need to be an existing customer, own your own home, and not have had a gas safety check in the last 12 months.

Also, you should be on a means-tested benefit, and either: 

  • At least one of the occupants is under five years old, is of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick, or
  • You live alone or live with others who are all of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick.

If our engineer finds that a gas appliance is unsafe, they’ll condemn it for your safety and recommend you contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair or replace it. We’ll also give you advice on the options available for repairing or replacing any appliances that are found to be unsafe.


If you live in rented accommodation, it’s your landlord’s duty to make sure an annual gas safety check is carried out – for further details visit:

Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous and can kill or result in lasting brain damage.

If your gas appliances haven’t been installed properly or you don’t get adequate maintenance check, they may produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide detectors, some of which emit a sound, act in a similar way to smoke alarms and are available from most reputable electrical retailers. Always ensure that you only use alarms that comply with the relevant British or European safety standard. It’s also important that your gas appliances are of European safety standards and are checked regularly.

Reading your meter

If you have a condition that makes it difficult to read your meter, or you are unable to access your meter safely, we may be able to relocate your meter to a better position. If relocation isn’t possible we can arrange to send someone to read your meter for you.

Please call our Customer Care team on 0800 280 8000 or email

Visiting your home

Anyone visiting your home on our behalf will treat you and your home with respect and always be happy to show you proof of identity.

We will usually let you know in advance before one of our representatives visits you at home but it is important that you ask anyone who calls at your home for proof of ID, and if you’re ever unsure just give us a call.

To make our staff easily recognisable:

  • All our representatives carry an identity card that shows their name, photograph, company name and telephone number for you to check the representative’s identity, and an expiry date. Our representatives also carry a large-print version of their identity card, for visually impaired customers.
  • We provide a free password scheme for extra security. You can set up a password that anyone visiting your home on our behalf will use to identify themselves as a genuine ENGIE representative. To find out more about our password scheme, give our Customer Care Team a call on 0800 280 8000.
  • Many of our representatives wear clothing that displays either ENGIE branding or the branding of a reputable company working on our behalf. This company branding is also displayed on many of the vehicles used for our visits.

If you have any doubts about a representative calling at your home, please call us on 0800 280 8000 to verify their identity.

Financial difficulties

If you’re having trouble paying your bill, or are worried about your ability to pay for your energy, it’s important you tell us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to help.

Our team are trained to understand your circumstances and explain all of the options available to you. Please make sure you let us know if you are of pensionable age, registered disabled or have long term ill-health, severe financial insecurity or receive benefits.

We will always take into full consideration all your circumstances known to us at the time prior to any decisions being made, and we’ll never disconnect your supply if you are on the Priority Services Register.

You can find out more about what we can do to help you if you’re having financial difficulties here.

For more details on Energy UK's Safety Net - Protecting Vulnerable Customers from Disconnection - click here.

Other sources of help

There are a number of organisations that may be able to offer you extra help, we've included their details below:


Age UK



Tavis House, 1­6 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA

0800 1696 565


Energy Saving Trust


21 Dartmouth Street London SW1H 9BP

020 7222 0101



National Debtline


0808 8084 000


Energy Ombudsman


PO Box 966 Warrington WA4 9DF

0330 440 1624



Citizens Advice

03454 04 05 06


Step Change Debt Charity

0800 138 1111


Money Advice Service

0800 238 7777