Smart Societies

Smart Cities

It’s projected that 70% of the worlds population will live in cities by 2050. This urbanisation will present many challenges, but also opportunities, and we’re committed to ensuring sustainability during this transition.

Worldwide, ENGIE have installed over 60,000 charge points for electric vehicles and we manage over 1.3 million lighting points, preparing our cities for the future, whilst protecting their heritage.

We’re working on innovative projects, in every continent, developing energy solutions to sustainably power our smart cities of the future. For example, ENGIE EPS are working in partnership with the Republic of Palau to deliver the world’s largest microgrid.

Smart Education

Smart home appliances are great, but we also think it’s important to understand how they help the environment.

For this reason ENGIE developed ‘Smarty21’, an interactive game where you can play the role of a Smart Energy Management System. Presented at the ‘Paris of the Future’ exhibition, this game sought to educate visitors on how to save energy.

Through an interactive medium, ‘Smarty21’ unveiled the inner workings of our smart home appliances and offered valuable advice on how we can all reduce our carbon footprint at home.

Smart Buildings

Everyday we produce unfathomable amounts of data as the world we live in becomes ever more digitalised.

With the rise of smart devices connected to the Internet of Things, this is only going to increase, transforming the way live and interact with the buildings around us.

From domestic solar analysis in Belgium to smart energy solutions at the British Library, ENGIE are leading the way in the development of smart buildings. We’re committed to a smart future and improving lives through better living and working environments.

Interested in making your home a smart home?