Earth Hour 2018

On Saturday, March 24, 8:30 PM ENGIE Home Energy will be part of the Earth Hour movement towards building a better tomorrow for our planet and future generations. By switching off all the lights for an hour we can unite to shine a light on climate action and #ChangeClimateChange!

  • On average, humanity consumes 62,000 terajoules* of energy per hour (this is equivalent to 1.48m tons of oil being used every hour) which would be enough oil to fill the empire state building four times over! With this much power you could drive an average car to Pluto and back TWICE!**
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  • In 2009, the Philippines saved nearly 611Mh of electricity in one hour, which is said to be equivalent to shutting down a dozen coal-fired power plants for the same amount of time.***
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  • According to the 2015 WWF report on Earth Hour, electricity consumption in Hong Kong dropped by 4.08%, which is equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emission of approximately 138 tons.***

Who said that once that hour is over we must go back to our daily routine? We want to be able to continue Earth Hour’s message of leading a more sustainable way of living and with our energy saving tips below you can continue to support even when the lights come back on:

  • Once you’ve finished cooking and turned your oven off, open the door and use the excess heat to warm up your home.

  • Washing clothes at 30 degrees can use around 40 per cent less energy than washing at high temperatures, according to the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

  • Turn all televisions, games consoles and laptops off standby to save money. Don’t keep the television on in the background if nobody is watching – on average you could save £1.23 a year per appliance according to the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

  • Choose the shower over the bath, they use roughly half the amount of water and they’re more hygienic! In fact, you can save around 10 gallons of water showering for 10 minutes.

  • Don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth as it’s a huge waste of water. In fact, did you know that you can waste around 5 gallons of water every time you leave the tap running whilst brushing your teeth?

  • Freezing leftover food is a great idea for saving energy, time and waste, make sure you let it cool down before putting it in the freezer or it’ll raise the core temperature making your freezer have to work overtime to compensate.

  • Turning your heating down by just 1 degree could save you 1% - 3% on your yearly energy bill.

  • Turn the heating off 20 minutes before you go out. When you’re rushing around finding keys, adding that extra layer of foundation, or checking you’ve packed enough nappies – you won’t notice the temperature dropping.

  • It pays off to only charge your phone until its 90%, this will help prevent the battery from degrading and save you energy.

  • Using a tea pot will save you both time and energy because you have more tea made in one go, saving both tea bags and the kettle from multiple boils.

* One million million (1012) joules. Symbol: TJ.