Electric Mountain - Helping To Keep Great Britain's Lights On

What is Electric Mountain? 


Electric Mountain is one of the ways that ENGIE helps keep power flowing through Great Britain. It is a Hydro-station where there is a large reservoir at the top and bottom of a mountain. Water flowing down the mountain goes through turbines, which produces electricity.

Electric Mountain, or Dinorwig, based in North Wales, is one of the largest, fastest-acting power stations of its type in the world. Storage in the reservoir at the top of the mountain totals a huge 9GWh (gigawatt-hour), and can meet the demand of around 2 million homes.


How does it work?

1. Water flows from the large reservoir at the top of the mountain, to the bottom, which drives a turbine.

2. This turbine is connected to a generator, converting the energy into electricity.

3. This electricity is exported to the National Grid to meet the demand of Great Britain.

4. At night time, the process is reversed. The turbine acts as a pump, and the generator acts as a motor, which pushes the water back up the mountain into the reservoir at the top.


Tom Scott, a popular YouTube influencer with over 1.3 million subscribers, visited Dinorwig to take a look at how it works. Watch this below: