National Clean Air Day 2018

What is National Clean Air Day?

National Clean Air Day is aimed to educate about the importance of air pollution and its impact on our health and the environment. We at ENGIE are headline partners this year, which means we are raising awareness about how anyone can do their part to help make the air cleaner.

When is National Clean Air Day 2018?

This year, National Clean Air Day falls on Thursday, 21st June.

Doing your bit doesn’t have to be huge; little changes make a whole lot of difference. Why don’t you cycle to work instead of driving, take a shorter shower every day or even purchase a new house plant to improve your home’s indoor air?

What is air pollution?

Ready for a quick science lesson? Primarily, air pollution is a combination of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulates, sulphur dioxide, and other trace chemicals. Air pollution falls under two types; outdoor and indoor.

Common causes of outdoor air pollution are vehicle fumes and open fires and stoves which emit harmful gases into the air we breathe. In the UK, there are an estimated 40,000 deaths each year linked to outdoor air pollution.

We spend, on average, about 90% of our time inside, however a few pollutants are worse indoors than outdoors. This is because many products in our homes release harmful gases and chemicals such as candles, paints, and cleaning products.

How can I improve the air quality both outdoors and in my home?

A couple of tips to improve the air quality outside are:

  • Try walking to work instead of driving, you may also find that extra time to think puts you in a better mind set for the day ahead.
  • Like shopping online? Order your deliveries to collection points nearby to save on the pollution of the courier visiting each house.

Find more tips here:

Some suggestions to improve the air quality in your home are:

  • Keep your home well ventilated – open your window when you are cooking or using cleaning products. Breathe in that crisp, fresh air!
  • Regularly service your boiler as faulty boilers may emit carbon monoxide which can be fatal.
  • Use less energy – check out our blog for many handy tips for staying energy efficient.

Take a look at the Clean Air Day website for more hints on how to reduce air pollution in your house:

How are ENGIE involved in National Clean Air Day?

As a partner of Clean Air Day 2018, ENGIE are addressing the issues of air quality from van traffic through the Clean Van Commitment. We are helping encourage the largest 100 UK van fleets, by 2028, to commit to being tailpipe emission-free. The largest cause of air pollution in the majority of cities is transport, and of all vehicle types, vans are the fastest growing in numbers on the road. There are around 4 million vans on UK roads which contribute to 12% of diesel emissions in urban environments. We at ENGIE are encouraging the use of electric vehicles as they are cheaper to run and maintain, and are kinder to our air. It’s a win-win! Read more about our Clean Van Commitment: