These tips could save you hundreds per year on your energy bill

Are your energy bills higher than you expected, or would you like to do your bit for the environment by using less energy? Whatever your reason, by following these tips you could save a significant amount on your energy bill per year!


  1. Standby mode on your appliances such as your TV and games machine does still use some electricity. Turn these off at the switch and save around £30 per year1.

  2. Shower heads can be cheap as chips, purchase yourself a more efficient one and save up to £75 per year2.

  3. What time of day do you think most energy is used in your household? A smart meter will show this, so you can see where you can decrease energy use. The government estimates on average, smart meters will save each household £23 per year on combined gas and electricity bills3. Every little helps!

  4. Like the idea of controlling your heating from your smartphone? This isn’t only convenient, it may also save you a decent chunk from your bills. If you use thermostatic valves, room thermostats and programmers, you could save around £75 per year with a smart thermostat2. Read more about our control tariff which offers a fitted smart thermostat.

  5. Reduce your heating bills by £85 through simply turning down your thermostat 1°C4. Pop an extra jumper on!

  6. Truth or myth? Leaving a light on for a few seconds takes less energy than switching it off and powering it back on again. Myth! Switching lights off even if you leave the room for just a few seconds can save around £15 per year on your bill1.

  7. LED lights may be a tad more costly, but they can pay themselves off and start saving you money within just 3 years. Installing £100 worth of LEDs could save about £35 per year1.

  8. We all find washing our clothes a chore, but next time try something a little different. Select the 30°C setting instead of 40°C or higher and you can save up to £52 per year2. Now you can afford that pair of shoes you wanted!

  9. Insulate your roof to ensure minimal heat loss. Remember those early science lessons; heat rises! This may cost a few hundred pounds, but should pay off in the long term by saving about £200 off your annual energy bill2.

  10. Despite heat rising, some is still lost in other directions. Install cavity wall insulation and you could save around £98 per year on your bill. There are government full and partial grants to help with this, however even if you aren’t successful in your application, the insulation should pay off and save you money in the long term5.

  11. Is your property single-glazed? Consider installing double-glazing. This allows less heat to escape and could save you up to £165 on your bill6.

  12. Did you know that 55% of your yearly spend on energy comes from heating? This means owning an energy efficient boiler can make a huge difference. Boilers can be expensive upfront but they have the potential to save you a heap of cash. For example, if you were to replace a G-rated boiler with one higher rated, you could save up to £305 per year7.

  13. Tanks can get chilly too! Purchase a hot water tank jacket for your uninsulated tank and save around £80 per year8.

  14. Draught-proofing your doors and windows could save you up to £25 per year on your bill. Plus you can purchase cute characters like a long sausage dog to keep the chill out from under the door! Without draughts, your home will be more comfortable at lower temperatures so the heating should not need to compensate9. Turn your thermostat down like point 5 suggests.

These are just a few of the many points you could work towards to save energy - despite some seeming like small savings, all 14 points add up and total £1,263. Help the environment and your pocket by starting energy saving today!



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