We all need a bit of Winter warmth in this weather, but how will you get yours?

Everywhere you go you hear festive songs, it’s cold and you wish you hadn’t forgotten to wear your thermals. Welcome to December! But don’t fear, we’ve got 5 handy energy efficiency tips to keep the chill away so you can concentrate on the more important things in life, like Christmas planning!

1. Lower the pressure

How long ago was it that you looked at your boiler settings? Your boiler and water system are the heart of your heating, and they need to be taken care of. Annual boiler checks by a professional will ensure maximum performance, but we have a tip that you can do yourself. Ensure the steam pressure is on its lowest suggested setting to reduce demand on your boiler and increase its efficiency. This will save energy and you may see an impact on your bills!

2. Let your radiators breathe

You may have heard you should bleed your radiators every so often, but what is this and why should you do it? Radiators are heated by hot water, which spreads evenly and keeps your rooms nice and toasty. Sometimes pockets of air get into the system, which prevent this hot water spreading sufficiently and lowers your heating efficiency. In order to let this air out, use a radiator key to open your radiator’s valves (once the heating is turned off of course!), catch the drips and wait for water to squirt out. This means that the air has all been released and you can tighten the valve again. Repeat this for all the radiators in your house, then read and check your boiler’s pressure level, ensuring it hasn't decreased. If a boiler's pressure is too low, heat may not reach the radiators on the top floors of your house, and no-one wants a cold bedroom at night!

3. Fill in the cracks

If we’re too cold, we add another layer of clothing. Our walls need the same; insulating cavity walls can drastically reduce the amount of heat lost and save you money on your energy bills. After all, a lot of heat can be lost in your home through cracks in the walls, windows and doors. Patch these up with insulation, sealant, and sausage dog draft excluders to stay warm! Ready for another hint? Heat is also lost through your roof – add more insulation here and you’ll notice the reduction on your energy bills!

4. Snuggle up

Ever had a heating war with someone? We have. One of you switches the heating on, and the other goes and turns it off again. Keep everyone happy and snuggle up in your favourite comfy jumper and slippers, grab a cup of tea and relax on the sofa. This will be cheaper than having the heating on so much, keeps the peace with others in the household, and is an excuse to get cosy (and maybe a little lazy)!

5. Get smart, be in control

Everything can be controlled from your smart phone nowadays, and your heating isn’t any different. Invest in a smart thermostat to control your heating on the move, whether it’s to warm your home before you get back, or to turn off your heating when you forget. We offer a Control tariff which includes a Nest Learning ThermostatTM in the price, and allows you to take control of your heating with ease. Find out more here: https://home.engie.co.uk/our-plans/engie-control-sept-21/.

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