A Smarter Kind of Energy: ENGIE launches 3-year Connected Home Tariff

ENGIE, the largest company to enter the UK home energy market for 15 years, is aiming to give people more control over the way they heat their homes, with its competitive new three-year fixed energy tariff which will also see customers receive a smart heating control system.


The PassivLiving HEAT product is only available through ENGIE’s new ENGIE Control tariff and allows customers to easily manage and monitor their heating and hot water at the touch of a button from any location, using a smart phone, PC or tablet.

Customers will not pay any upfront cost for the supply and installation of the smart thermostat, which ENGIE hopes will make smart energy management a possibility for many more people.

A recent independent survey of UK energy bill payers commissioned by ENGIE found that consumers have a need and desire for more control over the energy they are using:

  • One in 10 energy bill payers has no idea how much money they are spending every month on their electricity and gas.

  • Four in five (78 per cent) have installed or would be interested in installing a smart meter to gain more understanding of their energy usage in real time.

  • More than a quarter (26 per cent) of energy bill payers said if they could influence the government to make changes to the future of energy in the UK they would make smart devices more widely available.

Paul Rawson, CEO of ENGIE’s home energy business, commented: The cost of heating our homes makes up the greatest proportion of household energy bills so it made absolute sense to us to make smart heating more accessible.


"By allowing our customers to only heat their home when they need to, we hope ENGIE Control will help them feel more in control, reduce the amount of energy they use and save money in the process.”


Eliminating the need for complicated timers, the smart heating system works with networked sensors giving customers control of their heating remotely. It considers several factors, including external weather conditions and boiler performance to make sure the customer’s home is heated to suit their needs, using as little energy as possible. The system features four easy to use modes for when the customer is at home, asleep, out or away.

The ENGIE Control tariff is fixed for three years, allowing for longer protection than a standard plan against price increases and changes in the energy market.

ENGIE Control is available to dual fuel customers only and requires a compatible device to control the system, such as a smartphone or tablet.

An average 12-month ENGIE Control tariff costs £1,000, based on a dual fuel customer, Ofgem average consumption and as an average across all areas for a direct debit paperless billing customer.