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ENGIE EV Home tariff with free EV driving miles

The ENGIE EV Home tariff provides clean renewable energy that can help reduce your electric vehicle running costs. To make your electric vehicle even better value, we’ll provide the equivalent of over 1000 free driving miles* which we’ll deliver through a £60 credit to your energy account. Plus, there are no surprises as our pricing is fixed for the duration of the term.

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About this tariff

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To be eligible for the ENGIE EV Home tariff and receive £60 credit, you need to provide us with proof you have registered a low-emission vehicle eligible for a plug-in grant shown here. This includes many plug-in hybrid models.

A copy of one of the following documents will be required; V5C, a leasing or finance agreement for the electric vehicle, evidence that you are nominated as the primary user of a company eligible electric vehicle, or evidence that you have leased the vehicle as part of a salary-sacrifice scheme. We will contact you to request the proof following your completion of your application for the EV Home tariff.

Available for UK mainland addresses only.

Remember when getting a quote, an electric vehicle driver’s home electricity consumption will be higher than a typical home. The increased consumption will depend on the type of vehicle and usage.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our electric vehicle products or your application you can contact our EV team on:

100% Renewable electricity for your EV

Supplying energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. That’s why we keep sustainability and renewable energy sources at the forefront of everything we do.

We don’t just say that. We can prove it. Our tariffs use 100% renewable electricity. That’s right, all of the electricity on our tariffs is generated from renewable sources.

For more details about our commitment to renewable energy, take a look at our Green & Renewable information page, check out our Energy Saving Advice guide, or view the journey our energy takes to get to you.

Home charging


* The free miles are calculated based on the amount of electricity £60 would buy with the ENGIE EV Home Sept 21 electricity tariff with an average direct debit single rate unit price of 16.28p/kWh and applying the most popular UK electric vehicle WLTP defined electricity consumption of 0.194 kWh/km. For example: ((£60/£0.1628 = 368.55 kWh) / 0.194 kWh/km) = 1,899.74km or 1180 miles. This calculation excludes all daily standing charges that apply to your electricity account and is in addition to your existing electricity consumption. All figures in the calculation include VAT.

**You must have applied for and have switched to our ENGIE Home EV tariff prior to installation of the charge point. Where the switch fails for any reason whatsoever, you will be required to pay the relevant additional cost prior to the installation of the charge point.

For ENGIE EV Home tariff holders, ENGIE will contribute £70 towards the charge point and installation costs.