What is ENGIE Pay As You Go?

Energy Prepayment meters help you to manage your energy use and control your spending. 

They work in a similar way to a prepay phone, you pay for your energy in advance and top up with a key or card.

You can top up your prepayment key or card anywhere you see a  PayPoint or  PayZone sign.

  • Stay in control how much energy you use and how much you spend.
  • No need to submit any meter readings and you won’t receive any regular bills.
  • Emergency credit facility gives you peace of mind.
  • You’ll receive an annual statement, confirming spend and usage.

ENGIE Prepayment Guide

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For more information about Prepayment and the ENGIE Pay As You Go tariff, take a look at our downloadble PDF guide. It has: 

  • an introduction to prepayment
  • what to look out for when topping up your credit
  • how to pay and how the charges are made up
  • information about your top up card or key
  • what to do if your meter doesn’t work or there’s an emergency
  • how to get help, if you need assistance, and much more.

 You can also call 0800 280 8000 to request a printed version from our Customer Service Team


Download Guide

A few things you should know about Prepay...

There are some things about Prepayment meters that are a little different to a credit meter. Below are a few important points to note:


Keep your meter in credit

First of all, if you’re meter runs out of credit you risk being without access to electricity or gas.

Remember, all prepayment meters apply a ‘standing charge’ every day, so even if you don’t use any gas or electricity for a day, the meter will still apply a charge.

If you leave home for several days, it’s important to make sure you have enough credit on your meter. If you don’t have enough before going away, your credit may run out and any appliances you’ve left on (like freezers or security lights) may switch off.


Your top up card or key

You need to activate your top up device on the day of your supply switch, your switch date will be detailed in your ENGIE welcome pack.

To activate your card or key simply place it in the meter and wait for the beep.

Always use the Prepayment key or card supplied by ENGIE that is tied to your account. Using a key or card from a different supplier or person will not apply to you and your account will not be credited with money.

Please only use a PayPoint or Payzone outlet to charge your key or card.  Always decline any offer to buy prepayment credit on your doorstep.


Replacement top up devices

If you need a replacement top up key or card we may charge you for it.  Our replacement charges are around £5 for a key or £3 for card plus delivery charges.


Our Electricity friendly hours

Our friendly hours are:

  • 8pm until 8am Monday to Thursday
  • 8pm Friday until 8am Monday
  • All day bank holidays until 8am the following morning

If you ever run out of credit on your electricity meter during friendly hours, your supply will continue until the ‘friendly hours’ period ends.  The next time you top up you’ll need to cover all the costs incurred and any payments missed, this will include:

  • The cost of electricity used during friendly hours
  • Emergency credit
  • Any debt repayments
  • Plus at least £1 of standard credit


Other options available

Paying for energy on a Prepayment meter means you will be on a variable tariff, where prices can increase and decrease. This can be more expensive than being on one of our other tariffs which may have better rates.

Check to see if you could be paying less by getting a quote now https://home.engie.co.uk/get-a-quote/.

For energy saving tips take a look at our energy saving advice guide for more information.




Like to know a little more about the Pay As You Go tariff? Read through our FAQs here or by clicking the link below. 

Principal Terms For the ENGIE Pay As You Go Tariff

We have based your personal quote on information you’ve provided to us. If we become aware this is information is not accurate, we will change the prices and advise you of the correct prices in writing.


Key facts for the ENGIE Pay As You Go Tariff

You confirm that you have the necessary authority to agree to this legally binding contract.

ENGIE’s Domestic Electricity and Gas Supply Terms and Conditions apply to the Pay As You Go tariff, this is a variable tariff with a daily standing charge and includes VAT at 5%.

The tariff has no end date. 

Your monthly costs will vary depending on your gas and electric usage.

You will receive all your communications via the post.

The key and card for your prepayment meters will arrive separately, so may not arrive on the same day. Should you lose your key or card in the future you may be charged for a new one.

A prepayment meter requires you to pay for your energy in advance. You can do this by buying credit for your meter using the prepayment key/card issued by ENGIE.

We may change the terms of your contract in certain circumstances but if the change is to your disadvantage we must give you at least 30 days prior notice of that change.

Your contract with us is continuous, which means it will only end when you switch supplier, if we choose to end it providing you with 28 days’ notice, or if you agree a new contract with us.

If you request to move to an alternative payment method that requires a meter change, we may undertake a credit check and request a reasonable security deposit before we agree to change your meter and payment method.

You will receive a welcome pack within the next few days, please check this and ensure all the details are correct. You have 14 days from agreeing to your transfer to cancel the contract should you change your mind.

You will receive an annual statement detailing your usage and costs.

Should there be between £20 - £500 outstanding debt per prepayment meter, your current supplier may prevent or delay your switch. However, if you owe less than £500 per meter, you may be able to switch your outstanding balance to ENGIE if we agree to take on the debt and you let you current supplier know.

Any weekly payments that you’ve agreed with your current supplier to pay off your existing debt will not change after your switch.

You have 14 days to stop the transfer if you change your mind.  We will contact your current supplier to request your supply and in approximately 3 weeks, ENGIE will become your supplier.  If there are any problems with the transfer you will be notified.

Moving home and you don’t want us to supply gas or electricity at your new property or it isn’t already supplied by ENGIE you need to tell us and provide us with a forwarding address and a meter reading taken on the moving day. We will send you a final bill, If there’s an outstanding balance on your meter, don’t worry we can set up a payment plan, if you have a credit on the account we will reimburse it. We recommend you run the meter down to as near to zero as possible before you move.

For more information about Prepayment and the ENGIE Pay As You Go tariff, take a look at our downloadable PDF guide https://home.engie.co.uk/help/guides/engie-prepayment-guide/. You can also call 0800 280 8000 to request a printed version from our Customer Service Team.

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