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ENGIE holds UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin ('REGOs') and EU Guarantees of Origin ('GoOs'). These certify that the electricity in respect of which the certificate is issued was produced from renewable energy sources.

One REGO/GoO is issued for every megawatt hour (MWh) of gross renewable electricity generated by an accredited generating station. 

We source our renewable energy from our own portfolio of assets. You can see these locations on this UK map

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Supporting Green energy projects in the UK

Green energy and generating renewable energy is important to us, so we’re in the process of creating the ENGIE Community Energy Initiative, to support Green energy projects in the UK.

The ENGIE Community Initiative will support sustainable energy schemes and projects, with the aim of promoting Green energy initiatives.   

For every customer who signs up or renews onto our Green tariff, we’ll make a donation, enabling the creation of more sustainable energy projects in the UK.

We’ll use our time and expertise to launch, sponsor and manage these schemes with the aim of generating more Green energy focused initiatives throughout the country.  

Electricity Journey

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How does electricity get to my home?


1 - Electricity is generated in power stations.

2 - The electricity is then sent to a step-up transformer which amplifies the power for transportation

3 - High-Voltage power lines transport the electricity across the country

4 - Once the power reaches it's location, it is sent to a step-down transformer which reduce the voltage.

5 - Smaller power lines carry the electricity through towns and cities.

6 - Power is provided to your home.

Gas Journey

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How does gas get to my home?

1 - Gas is extracted from the earth.

2 - It is then transported through a network of large pipelines across the country.

3 - Distribution networks deliver the gas through smaller pipes to your home.

Renewable Power Journey

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How does renewable power get to my home?

1- Green electricity and gas is generated through renewable sources, like wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectricity and bio gas farms.

2 - The ‘green’ generated power is then filtered into the traditional electricity and gas transport networks.

3 - Power lines transport electricity across the country and pipes transfer the gas.

4 - Smaller power lines and gas pipes carry electricity and gas through towns and cities.

5 - Power and gas is provided to your home.

100% Renewable Electricity & Gas

Supplying energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. So that’s why we keep sustainability and renewable energy sources at the forefront of everything we do.


We don’t just say that. We can prove it. This tariff uses 100% renewable electricity and gas. That’s right all of the electricity on this tariff is generated from renewable sources.

For more information about our commitment to renewable energy, take a look at our Going Green guide, check out our ‘Green Zone’ or view the journey our energy takes to get to you.


We source our renewable energy from our own portfolio of assets. You can see these locations on this UK map

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