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ENGIE holds UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin ('REGOs') and EU Guarantees of Origin ('GoOs'). These certify that the electricity in respect of which the certificate is issued was produced from renewable energy sources.

One REGO/GoO is issued for every megawatt hour (MWh) of gross renewable electricity generated by an accredited generating station. 

We source our renewable electricity from our own portfolio of assets. You can see these locations on this UK map

The ENGIE Community Initiative chevron_right

Supporting Green energy projects in the UK

Green energy and generating renewable energy is important to us, so we’re in the process of creating the ENGIE Community Energy Initiative, to support Green energy projects in the UK.

The ENGIE Community Initiative will support sustainable energy schemes and projects, with the aim of promoting Green energy initiatives.   

For every customer who signs up or renews onto our Green tariff, we’ll make a donation, enabling the creation of more sustainable energy projects in the UK.

We’ll use our time and expertise to launch, sponsor and manage these schemes with the aim of generating more Green energy focused initiatives throughout the country.  

Electricity Journey

Electric Journey b.png

How does electricity get to my home?


1 - Electricity is generated in power stations.

2 - The electricity is then sent to a step-up transformer which amplifies the power for transportation

3 - High-Voltage power lines transport the electricity across the country

4 - Once the power reaches it's location, it is sent to a step-down transformer which reduce the voltage.

5 - Smaller power lines carry the electricity through towns and cities.

6 - Power is provided to your home.

Gas Journey

Gas Journery b.png

How does gas get to my home?

1 - Gas is extracted from the earth.

2 - It is then transported through a network of large pipelines across the country.

3 - Distribution networks deliver the gas through smaller pipes to your home.

Renewable Power Journey

Green journey b.png

How does renewable power get to my home?

1- Green electricity and gas is generated through renewable sources, like wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectricity and bio gas farms.

2 - The ‘green’ generated power is then filtered into the traditional electricity and gas transport networks.

3 - Power lines transport electricity across the country and pipes transfer the gas.

4 - Smaller power lines and gas pipes carry electricity and gas through towns and cities.

5 - Power and gas is provided to your home.

100% Renewable Electricity & Gas

Supplying energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. So that’s why we keep sustainability and renewable energy sources at the forefront of everything we do.


We don’t just say that. We can prove it. This tariff uses 100% renewable electricity and gas. That’s right all of the electricity on this tariff is generated from renewable sources.

For more information about our commitment to renewable energy, take a look at our Going Green guide, check out our ‘Green Zone’ or view the journey our energy takes to get to you.


We source our renewable energy from our own portfolio of assets. You can see these locations on this UK map

Principal Terms

If you’re currently on a fixed term tariff that’s due to end in the next 12 months, we’ve used (1) your current prices and (2) the prices you would most likely be transferred onto when your current tariff ends to (a) work out your personal projection with your current supplier and (b) provide you with the savings/additional cost message.

We have based your personal quote on information you’ve provided to us.

If we become aware this is information is not accurate, we will change the prices and advise you of the correct prices in writing.


Key facts

ENGIE’s Domestic Electricity and Gas Supply Terms and Conditions apply to the Green Fixed Sept 21, this is a fixed term tariff with an end date 30/09/21, your prices will remain fixed until 30th September 2021. Your direct debit and/or bill amount may vary depending on your gas and electricity usage.

You confirm that you have the necessary authority to agree to this legally binding contract.

Around 49 days before the end of the fixed duration, we will contact you with details of the ENGIE Rollover tariff, which you will be automatically moved to at the end of your fixed duration term, unless you choose a different tariff at this time.

An Exit Fee of £30 per fuel (Inclusive of VAT) applies should you leave us prior to the last 49 days of the contract inclusive of VAT. Where this is your ‘Rollover Tariff’ you are not subject to exit fees for the duration of the contract and you’re free to move at any point.

If you are paying by fixed monthly direct debit, your payment amount will be based on your estimated energy usage for the next 12 months, your estimated annual usage is divided by 12 to provide your direct debit. Your direct debit will be reviewed on a regular basis at least twice a year and if your payment needs to change due to your gas and electricity usage, we will give you at least 10 working days’ notice. Under the direct debit scheme, you are covered under the Direct Debit Guarantee. You will receive your bill every 3 months.

If you are paying on receipt of bill, you will receive a bill every 3 months at this point you will be expected to pay the bill in full within 10 working days.

You will receive a £15.75 discount per fuel per year (inclusive of VAT) for taking paperless billing, to get this you will need to manage your account online.

You will receive a discount for having both your electricity and gas with us. If you fail to make a payment when it’s due, we can make changes to your payment method and/or tariff, which may result in your prices increasing. If you agree to pay by direct debit, but fail to do so, we may change your payment method. If we do this you will stay on the same tariff, but your unit rates will increase, each inclusive of VAT. We will inform you if this change occurs.

If there are cheaper tariffs available you will be notified within the “Could you pay less” section on your bill.

Please provide meter reads to us once a quarter. We will notify you when these are needed. This allows us to make sure you always have the most up to date bills and if paying by Direct Debit your monthly payments are in line with your usage.

This tariff is not available for prepayment or nonstandard meter types.

Your contract with us is continuous, which means it will only end when you switch supplier, if we choose to end it, or if you agree a new contract with us.

If you do not pay us, we may seek to install a prepayment meter. If we install a prepayment meter, we will transfer you onto an appropriate prepayment tariff. You would then be required to pay for your energy in advance. Should we not be able to install a prepayment meter, including if you prevent us from doing so, we may seek to disconnect your supply.

You have 14 days to stop the transfer if you change your mind.  We will contact your current supplier to request your supply and in approximately 3 weeks, ENGIE will become your supplier.  If there are any problems with the transfer you will be notified.

End of tariff: At the end of your contract, if you choose not to transfer onto another ENGIE tariff, we will automatically switch you to our cheapest ENGIE Rollover Tariff, which will be a fixed tariff for 12 months, similar in features to your chosen tariff today without an exit fee, so you are free to move tariffs at any time. You should always check out all our tariffs at this point.  As part of the renewal process you will not automatically continue to receive the discounts or rewards, this will depend on the tariff you choose if you decide to renew with ENGIE

Moving home and you don’t want us to supply gas or electricity at your new property or it isn’t already supplied by ENGIE you need to tell us at least two days before you move.

If you do that, your contract will end on the date you move out of your property. The only exception is if you still own your property on that date, and no one else has taken over responsibility for it, you will remain responsible for the supply until someone moves in.

If you don’t give us at least two days’ notice, this contract will continue until:

Two working days after you tell us you have moved; or

Someone else gets gas or electricity at your property;

Whichever happens first.

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