Our pledge to you

This is what we promise you. It is what we'll deliver and how we'll treat you. Always.


Rollover promise

When your fixed plan ends, we'll move you onto our Rollover plan, unless you choose another one.


Better deal

We'll always tell you if we can offer you a better deal. We’ll never save our best deals for new customers.


Helping you use less

We want you to use less energy and we'll work hard to help you reduce your bill. 


By people, for people

We never forget you're a person, just like us.

The Details

01 - Rollover promise

We will write to you seven weeks before your fixed-term plan matures to tell you about your options.

If you don't select a new plan, we'll move you onto our Rollover plan. This is a tariff where the initial price is set at the level of our cheapest plan at that time. It does not include any exit fees.

Our Rollover plan will never exceed the price of our Safe and Easy tariff.

02 - Better deal

Applies to ENGIE home gas and/or electricity customers only.

Better deal is defined as the cheapest ENGIE tariff available to that customer at that time.

We will communicate better deals on bills and statements and when you call our Customer Care team.


03 - Helping you use less

We are always looking for ways to help you use less energy. You'll find tips and guidance on our website with ideas to help you do this. We plan to introduce an 'Energy Saver' service, and a Home Energy Management Platform to help us tailor our advice to your situation. Our commitment will be to  proactively provide relevant advice based on the information you tell us. We can't guarantee to reduce your energy use or costs, as this depends on the choices you make, which is beyond our control. 


04 - By people, for people

Our brand essence is 'By people, for people'. We'll always treat you as a human being. We demonstrate this by:

i) communicating in plain English, never using jargon
ii) apologising if we've made a mistake and doing what we can to put it right, quickly
iii) aiming to answer calls in person whenever we can - never asking you to press endless buttons in an automated system.