100% renewable electricity for all

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We're working towards complete sustainability, so we're committed to providing energy from renewable power. In fact, we offer 100% renewable electricity at no additional cost for all our home customers. 

We source our renewable energy from our own portfolio of assets. You can see these locations on this UK map 

100% Renewable Electricity

Always innovating


Going forward, our range of plans will always be updated and expanded to make the most of new and emerging Connected Home technologies, providing the facilities for customers to reduce their energy consumption, by means of increased usage information, energy analysis, or smart technologies.


When it comes to your energy (and your energy bill), you know that control is everything, which is why we’re making smart technology something everyone can have in their home. We’re committed to giving you visibility and control over the energy you use and with our ENGIE Control plan customers will receive a smart heating control system and installation in their home. The ENGIE Control tariff is set for 3 years, allowing for longer protection than a standard plan against price increases and changes in the energy market.


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Going green


We’ve only got one planet. So, as energy producers, we have a big responsibility. But we don’t shy away from it. We’re always looking for ways to be greener. We invest big money and time into energy that’s kinder to the planet and everyone on it.

Our quest for cleaner, greener and smarter energy never stops. And it shows. We’re leading the pack when it comes to all things sustainable.

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ENGIE in the community


You might have only just heard about us, but we’ve been pretty busy just around the corner from you. For years we’ve been working with local councils on urban regeneration.

So what does that mean? To put it simply, we’re making your schools, parks, hospitals and more, better for everyone.

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